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Private Daily Pinara,Sidyma,Xanthos,Letoon Ancient Cities tour

Private Daily Pinara,Sidyma,Xanthos,Letoon Ancient Cities tour

Private Tour

Private Daily Pinara,Sidyma,Xanthos,Letoon Ancient Cities tour

Pinara ancient city;The beautiful site of Pinara was one of the three major cities in the Xanthos valley and one of the six principal cities of Lycia.Settlement at Pinara existed as early as the 5th century BC.It was probably founded as an extension of the overpopulated Xanthos.According to Manecrates,a 4th century BC historian,the leaders of Xanthos felt their city was overpopulated and so they split the city into three groups, settling one at Pinara.In the Lycian Federation Pinara was one of the six cities with the most voting power.It became the centre of bishopric in the Byzantine era but declined in importance and was abandoned in the 9th century.There is no other Lycian site quite like Pinara with its untouched,gorgeous mountain setting of fragrant pines,ancient olive trees,wild flowers,thyme-scented breezes and its stunning view over the Xanthos valley.

Sidyma ancient city;Sidyma is interesting not only for its ruins,but for the fact that the lovely village of Dodurga has been built among the remains,charmingly reusing pillars and other ancient pieces in the villagers’ houses and other structures.The site is virtually untouched and gives visitors the chance to see a Lycian site much like those seen by the first European explorers.Remains include numerous sarcophagi,impressive monumental tombs,a badly-preserved theatre,bath,stoa,temple,church and other historical things.One very striking temple-type monumental tomb is located not far from the village centre.It is large,raised on two steps and seems to have originally had two columns in antis.A large slab remains in place,decorated on the underside with beautiful carved reliefs of human heads (believed to be women) and flowers.Traces of bright red paint can still be seen on one of the flowers.Those living in Sidyma (Dodurga) are still very friendly and gentle people (only about 80 people) and they would love to see more visitors.

Xanthos ancient city;Xanthos was the capital city of the Lycian Federation and its greatest city for most of Lycian history.It is very old-finds date back to the 8th century BC,but it is possible that the site may have existed during the Bronze Age or during the first centuries of the Iron Age.Xanthos and Letoon are often seen as a “double-site”,since the two were closely linked and Letoon was administered by Xanthos.Letoon was the sacred cult center of Lycia,located less than 10 km to the south of Xanthos.Xanthos-Letoon is one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Turkey.For this reason,it has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

The history of Xanthos is quite a violent – the Xanthosians twice demonstrated the fierce independence of the Lycian people when they chose to commit mass suicide rather than submit to invading forces.The Xanthosia men set fire to their women,children,slaves and treasure upon the acropolis before making their final doomed attack upon the invading Persians.Xanthos was later repopulated but the same gruesome story repeated itself in 42 BC when Brutus attacked the city during the Roman civil wars in order to recruit troops and raise money.Brutus was shocked by the Lycians’ suicide and offered his soldiers a reward for each Xanthosia saved.Only 150 citizens were rescued.

Letoon ancient city;Letoon was the sacred cult center of Lycia,its most important sanctuary,and was dedicated to the three national deities of Lycia-Leto and her twin children Apollo and Artemis.Letoon is a romantic site and many of the monuments arise from standing water which provides lush vegetation.Terrapins and frogs are usually seen.

Unfortunately though,the high water table hinders excavation.Letoon was a sanctuary precinct  and it was administered by Xanthos and was the spiritual heart of Lycia,its federal sanctuary and the place of national festivals.Letoon was the center of pagan cults activity until perhaps the 5th century AD when Lycia was ravaged by Arab attacks and the area started to silt up with sand brought by the Xanthos River.It is believed to have been abandoned by the 7th century AD.During Roman times,the Emperor Hadrian founded an emperor worship cult at the site.

Christianity later replaced pagan beliefs and in the 5th century AD a church was built using stones from the old temples.An inscription found at Letoon refers to the establishment of the cult as well as its rules for monthly and annual sacrifices-offenders against this were found guilty before Leto,her children and the Nymphs.The Lycian cult of Leto was one of the many forms of the wide-spread mother-goddess religion which originated in ancient Anatolia and spread throughout the ancient world.It is noteworthy that a woman was allowed to preside over the national assembly that was held each autumn at Letoon-perhaps a reminder of the ancient matriarchal customs in Anatolia.

Tour Details

Private Daily Pinara,Sidyma,Xanthos,Letoon Ancient Cities tour is one of the most preferred tour by our guests who spend their holiday in Fethiye and prefer seeing historical points of the beautiful Turkey.

In this daily tour,our guests are visiting Pinara ancient city,Sidyma ancient city,Xanthos ancient city and Letoon ancient city and discovering the historical and natural beauties of the region.We are beginning our private tour by taking you from your accommodation and your party with our private Mercedes-Benz vehicles at 08.30 in the morning.We will come to the Pinara ancient city  at the end of our journey which will take approximately 1 hour 05 minutes according to the location of your accommodation.

We will visit Pinara ancient city accompanied by our guide and we will give a 30 minutes photo break.Then,we will continue the tour,at the end of our journey which will take approximately 35 minutes,our next stop will be the Sidyma ancient city.We will visit Sidyma ancient city(Dodurga Village) accompanied by our guide and,we will give a 30 minutes photo break.

Later,we will take you to our restaurant at the end of our journey which will take approximately 35 minutes from Sidyma ancient city.While you take your 12 various cold appetizers served on open buffet,upon your preference,chicken or fish with potato chips will be served then our next stop will be Xanthos ancient city.We will visit Xanthos Ancient City accompanied by our guide and we will give a 50 minutes photo break.Then,our last stop will be Letoon ancient city.After visiting Letoon ancient city,we will come to the end of the tour program and starting our return journey back to Fethiye.

Please note that this private tour has been scheduled for the couples,families and small groups…

For all your questions or opinions,

You can contact with us by e-mail or by writing message through our WhatsApp line at any time

Available days


Departure time


Return time



Approx.10 hrs.


Transfers,travel insurances,open buffet lunch,non-alcoholic beverages,english speaking driver and guide


Alcoholic beverages,entrance fees of the Pinara,Sidyma,Xanthos and Letoon ancient cities

What you should take with you

Hat,sunglasses,sun cream,camera,and some cash for extra expenses

Price (Per Group)

1-2 persons GBP(£)175 or EUR(€)215

3-4 persons GBP(£)185 or EUR(€)230

5-6 persons GBP(£)195 or EUR(€)240

In our all tours,you can remove the parts that are not suitable for your style and reshape the tour to your own tastes along with your wishes.If you prepare your own travel plan and let us know,we will be honored to give you the best service by doing the necessary work over your plan.      .                                                                                                                                                                            


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