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Private Daily Pamukkale,Hierapolis Ancient City tour

Private Daily Pamukkale,Hierapolis Ancient City tour

Private Tour

Private Daily Pamukkale,Hierapolis Ancient City tour

Pamukkale is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Turkey,which is now quite developed in terms of tourism.This lovely district Pamukkale is in Menderes Valley.It was inside the borders of Caria,Lycia and Phrygia and had a mixed population.

This unique place is located on a platform overlooking the Curuksu Valley,known as Lycos in antiquity.It is at altitude of 360 meters from the sea level and 70 meters from the Lycos Valley.The calcium oxide-rich waters flowing down from the southern slope of Cal Mountain carried deposits and built these white travertines located on the north of the ruins,over the millennia,plateau.

The white cotton-like terraces are mineral deposits which come from Cal Mountain’s rich spring waters and volcanic springs that were saved since thousand years.The water runs down the travertine and fill them up with water and there is a pool where you can have a chance to swim among the ancient Roman columns.Being a fertile region,the city has always been a center of cradle of civilizations succeeding one another.Luvians,Phrygians,Persians,Greeks and Romans are counted among the early civilizations;the later ones include the Byzantines,Seljuk and the Ottomans.

Hierapolis Ancient City In ancient times all religious buildings were built nearby hot or cold water sources. Beside religious buildings, some other buildings such as fountains and baths also were built for curing.The numbers of baths,fountains and also churches are evidence of the importance of waters in Hierapolis and Christianity.

The temples were significant trade centers and Hierapolis had many temples that made people confused about which god they would worship before Christianity.People in Hierapolis worshipped Apollo as their main God.Beside Apollo,Artemis has been very important too.Local people in Hierapolis had worshipped many other gods and goddesses,such as Dionysus,Leto who was the mother of Apollo,Poseidon who was the reason of earthquakes,Pluto who was the god of underworld,Heracles etc.Hierapolis means “Holy City” because of its religious importance and also temples together with other religious buildings.

On the other hand it is thought that Hiera was the name of the wife of Telephos.Telephos was the legendary founder of Pergamum so the founder of the city,Eumenes, named here as Hierapolis in honor of Hiera.Women took very significant place through the history of Anatolia therefore their names were used for newly founded cities.The ancient city of Hierapolis was settled in an area of 1000 x 800 meters.Hierapolis had many destructive strong earthquakes and as a result,each earthquake razed the city.

The area of Hierapolis was exposed to be a place for many settlements for its abundant water sources.It is highly believed that the ancient city was built by the people of Pergamum.The history of Hierapolis before the Hellenistic period is not known exactly but there had been a settlement existence here. It is known that around 1900 BC Luwis were in the scene of the area.The most civilized city of its time was Cydrara in the area around 500 BC and they had built a holy temple here.After the fall of Troy, many colonists migrated to Anatolia from Greece and south east Europe in the Hittite Period.

But it is still unknown if they established new cities or captured the existing cities or combined to live with others. When everything was settled,disagreements began among the people after a few centuries.Anatolia were invaded by Lydians that were living in the west of Asia.But their period did not last long;Lydian was defeated by Persians in 646 BC.Persians aim was not only Anatolia but also Greek land and Aegean Islands.After the long wars Anatolia went under Greek domination.But this situation didn’t affect the lives of Anatolians.

Tour Details

Private Daily Pamukkale & Hierapolis Ancient City tour is one of the most preferred tour by our guests who spend their holiday in Fethiye and prefer seeing different points of the beautiful Turkey.

In this daily tour, our guests are visiting Pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient city and discovering the historical and natural beauties of the region.We are beginning our tour by taking you from your accommodation with our private Mercedes-Benz vehicles at 06.00 in the morning.We will come to Pamukkale at the end of our journey which will take approximately 2 hours 30 minutes according to the location of your accommodation.After our guide gives you preliminary information we will visit historical part of Pamukkale known as Hierapolis.

The most impressive of all ruins is the Hierapolis theatre. It has some of the best preserved decoration features of any theatre in Turkey and also an impressive size.Hierapolis has one of the widest and the best preserved cemeteries (Necropolis) of Anatolia.Four different types of tombs are also highlights of Pamukkale.The ancient tombs such as tumulus,sarcophagi etc.were made of mostly limestone.

After this stage,we will take you to our restaurant for introducing you with the delicious cuisine of the southern Aegean.While you take your 12 various cold appetizers served on open buffet, upon your preference,chicken or fish with potato chips will be served.

Our other stop will be Pamukkale(Hierapolis) Archeological museum,one of the largest buildings of Hierapolis ancient city was the Roman bath since 1984 this building has been used as the Hierapolis Archeology Museum.Alongside works of art from the excavations at Hierapolis are findings from Laodicea,Colossae,Tripolis,Attuda and other towns of the Lycus Valley.

Also,the museum has an extensive section devoted to artifacts found at Beycesultan Hoyuk that includes some of the most beautiful examples of Bronze Age crafts. Material which has come the surface in the Caria,Pisidia and Lydia regions are also on display in the museum. The museum’s exhibition space consists of the three closed areas of the Hierapolis Bath and the open areas on the eastern side which are known to have been the library and the gymnasium.Many of the large exhibits and all the small exhibits are shown in rooms A,B and C that were the three closed sections of the bath.Marble and other stone artifacts are exhibited in the garden.

Then we will go an antique(Cleopatra)pool which has Roman columns and big marble pieces in. Swimming in thermal waters among ancient Roman remains,will be an unforgettable experience for you.Here,after a two-hour swim break,our last stop will be the famous Pamukkale travertines It is allowed to walk approximately 800 meters over of the travertines without shoes,this is will also be a interesting  experience for you,too. After visiting the travertines,we will come to the end of the tour program and starting our return journey back to Fethiye.

Please note that this private tour has been scheduled for the couples,families and small groups…

For all your questions or opinions,

You can contact with us by e-mail or by writing message through our WhatsApp line at any time

Available days


Departure time


Return time



Approx.13 hrs.


Transfers,breakfast en route,travel insurances,open buffet lunch,non alcoholic beverages,english speaking driver and guide


Alcoholic beverages,entrance fees of the museum,antique pools,theatre,Hierapolis ancient city

What you should take with you

Hat,sunglasses,swimwear,towel,slippers,sun cream,camera,and some cash for extra expenses

Price (Per Group)

1-2 persons GBP(£)190 or EUR(€)235

3-4 persons GBP(£)210 or EUR(€)260

5-6 persons GBP(£)230 or EUR(€)285

In our all tours,you can remove the parts that are not suitable for your style and reshape the tour to your own tastes along with your wishes.If you prepare your own travel plan and let us know,we will be honored to give you the best service by doing the necessary work over your plan.    


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