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Private Daily Fethiye City,Museum,Fish Market,Amyntas Rock Tombs tour

Private Daily Fethiye City,Museum,Fish Market,Amyntas Rock Tombs tour

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Private Tour                                                                

Private Daily Fethiye City,Museum,Fish Market,Amyntas Rock Tombs tour

Fethiye;The history of Fethiye,or with its ancient name Telmessos,which is the only centre where settlement continued from its establishment on Mediterranean shore band until today,goes back to 3000 BC in accordance with some philological determinations and monuments.

Many earthquakes that had happened since the archaic period and new settlement understanding caused the disappearance of archaic period buildings by time. But the graves engraved into the rocks at the south of the modern city and the sarcophagies at different locations of the city are evaluated as ancient ruins that reached today from the archaic period.The most famous,and the most magnificent of the rock graves is undoubtedly Amyntas grave in accordance with its inscription on the left ante wall.The theater ruin that is discovered in the excavations carried out by the museum in recent years provides some information about the layout and organization of the city in archaic period.

Fethiye Museum The idea of exhibiting the opuses belonging to the region in a location in the district that is rich in terms of Archaeology belongs to the authorities of that period at the beginning of 1960s and the first core of the museum has occurred in those years.

After that,large scaled stone opuses collected from the surrounding have been protected in a depot;with the building constructed in 1987,contemporary museum understanding became dominant and the opuses have been served to the visitors.

Fethiye Museum consists of two halls,one for Archaeology and the other for ethnography.Almost all of the opuses exhibited in these two halls have been compiled from Fethiye and its surroundings.A big part of the opuses being exhibited in the Archaeology part consists of ceramic group opuses.

The opuses in the hall have been subjected to a chronological order among themselves.Most important of the opuses covering the period from 3000 BC to the end of the Byzantine period is undoubtedly the stela that had great contributions in decoding Lycian language.There is a text on this stela which is written in three different languages.Another important opus of the museum is the “Sculpture of Young Girl with Dove” and the sculpture of two women beside it.The sculpture of the girl with dove is related with Arthemis cult and it is important in terms of its showing the existence of an Arthemis temple in the city in ancient period.In the ethnography hall,there are various hand weaving samples, hand embroideries,robes and silver Jewellery special to the region.

In addition,a “dastar” loom that is in active condition with all its units is also exhibited in this part.In the open part of the museum,large stone blocked opuses,sarcophagus graves and “Izraza Monument”,which is a product of Lycian culture are exhibited.                                                                                                                                                                     Fethiye Fish Market;The Fethiye fish market is the place where you will find the best,the tastiest,freshest and cheapest seafood restaurants in Fethiye.The fish market takes up a large area of a market square that was once on the outskirts of the old town.Fethiye fish market is not far from the yacht marina and now lies embraced by the rest of the city.It is actually an old caravansary where travellers came and stayed overnight and housed their camels or donkeys in the same building.The Fethiye Fish Market is much more than a fishy square.It has life at all times of the day and night and has beautiful trees and plants along with a lovely Ottoman tiled marble fountain.There are hanging lights which lend such an unique atmosphere to such a wonderful place.  

Amyntas Rock Tombs Fethiye’s most recognisable sight is the mammoth Tomb of Amyntas “an Ionic temple face” carved into a sheer rock face in 350 BC in honour of Amyntas son of Hermapias is located in the south of the Fethiye city centre.The Lycian rock tombs create a magical picture of a masterfully adorned mountain with impressive temple entrances.

No wonder this site is the landmark of is a nice way to spend an afternoon exploring those amazing carved rocks and admire the sunset over the city of Fethiye.Dating back to 400 BC,the Rock Tombs were built by the Lycians,a population that lived at the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.Believing in the afterlife,they used to carve tombs into the sides of hills and mountains for the deceased prominent members of their society.The deceased were buried with their most valued possessions, believing that these objects would accompany them to the afterlife.

Various Lycian rock tombs exist along the provinces of Antalya and Mugla on the southern coast of Turkey,which was once the Lycian Coast,but the most impressive ones are in Fethiye.The most impressive and famous Tomb of Fethiye is the “Tomb of Amyntas”,not only because it is the highest of them all and the best preserved compared to others,also it has fascinating views of Fethiye city.An old inscription on the tomb states that it is the resting place of Amyntas,the son of Hermapias,but nothing more is known about the family or the tomb.In order to get to the Amyntas Rock Tomb , you have to walk up the 296 stone steps towards it.The tomb is very impressive from the close.It has two carved stone columns and a small entry on the right side but it is empty inside.Take your time and relax at the tomb, admiring the wonderful views of Fethiye.

Tour Details

Private Daily Fethiye City (Fethiye Museum & Fethiye Fish Market  & Amyntas Rock Tombs)tour is one of the most preferred tour by our guests who spend their holiday in Fethiye and prefer seeing different points of the beautiful Turkey.

In this daily tour,our guests will visiting Fethiye museum,Fethiye fish market and discovering the historical beauties of the magnificent Amyntas rock tombs.

We are beginning our private tour by taking you from your accommodation with our private Mercedes-Benz vehicles at 09.30 in the morning.We are coming to the Fethiye museum at the end of our journey which will take approximately 10-25 minutes,according to the location of your accommodation.After our english speaking driver gives you preliminary information about the region,you will visit the Fethiye museum with your own party.Then we are continuing our tour by walking 12-15 minutes towards Fethiye city centre.On the way,you can see impressive rock tombs and some Lycian sarcophagus,which is currently scattered in the garden of the governor house of Fethiye.

We are continuing our walk towards Fethiye ancient theater. It is understood that the city has a rich and high culture in the hellenistic and roman periods,and it is a famous prophecy center dedicated to God Apollo.From the antiquity,many earthquakes and new settlements have caused the disappearance of ancient structures.However,the ruins of the theater uncovered in the excavations carried out by the museum in recent years, contains some information about the settlement and organization of the city in the ancient period.

Then we walk through Fethiye Paspatur bazaar which is among the historical buildings,and we come to Fethiye fish market. There are the very centre of the market has the fish stalls and set around the caravansary walls within the enclosed area the restaurants,all are specialised in preparing seafood of any kind to your choice.After choosing your fish,octopus,prawn,lobster or whatever you choose,you can simply tell to the fishmonger which way you would like to eat it. Filleted or whole,peeled,shelled or trimmed,or whatever, they will obligingly clean and deliver it to your restaurant’s chef in the manner you choose.If you don’t enjoy fish, then you can order meat,chicken or a vegetable dish and still have a fabulous meal in this relaxed atmosphere.

After lunch we are continuing our tour, towards Amyntas Rock Tombs. Here,you will see the magnificent works of Lycian civilization in this region.While our english speaking driver gives you some information about the region,the spectacular Fethiye view will definitely draw your attention.After visiting the Amyntas Rock Tombs,we will come to the end of the tour program and starting our journey back to Fethiye.

Please note that this private tour has been scheduled for the couples,families and small groups…

For all your questions or opinions,

You can contact with us by e-mail or by writing message through our WhatsApp line at any time

Available days                                                                                            Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday

Departure time


Return time



Approx.8 hrs.     


Transfers,travel insurances,lunch(sea-bass,sea-bream or grilled chicken wings/legs or vegetable,green/seasonal salad and non-alcoholic beverages),english speaking driver 


Alcoholic beverages,hot and cold appetizers,entrance fees of Amyntas rock tombs 

What you should take with you,

Hat,sunglasses,sun cream,camera and some cash for extra expenses               

Price (Per Group)

1-2 persons GBP(£)85 or EUR(€)105

3-4 persons GBP(£)95 or EUR(€)120

5-6 persons GBP(£)105 or EUR(€)130

In our all tours,you can remove the parts that are not suitable for your style and reshape the tour to your own tastes along with your wishes.If you prepare your own travel plan and let us know,we will be honored to give you the best service by doing the necessary work over your plan.


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